Koolbridge Solar Adds Renova Capital’s Eric Hinckley to Board


Research Triangle Park, NC


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Robert Gosselin

VP Marketing

Koolbridge Solar



Koolbridge Solar Adds Renova Capital Partners Executive Eric Hinckley to Board of Directors and Technical Advisor.

“I am very pleased to announce and welcome Eric Hinckley to the Koolbridge Solar Board of Directors and assuming the role of Technical Advisor.  He brings to our company a remarkable and in-depth hands-on experience in the renewable energy field.   He is an energetic leader with a track record of success in managing growth, team building, driving business values and high-performance execution.  His recognized expertise in the areas of solar facility engineering and design, entitlement, construction operations, asset management/maintenance and project development/management are unmatched in the industry.  In addition, Eric has extensive experience helping companies raise capital.  Eric is a Certified Solar PV Installer as authorized by the NABCP.  All of us at Koolbridge Solar are excited about Eric offering all his solar and business expertise towards helping the company grow much faster”, said Bill Griffin, CEO/President, Koolbridge Solar.
“I first became aware of Koolbridge Solar over 3-years ago while at the Solar Power International Show when I visited with them at their booth and have been following their progress since then.  Recently I had the pleasure to meet with Bill Griffin, President and CEO, and Stephen Burnett, Co-Founder and Chairman of Koolbridge Solar at Renova Capital Partners in Denver, CO.    They presented what our team perceived to be one of the most unique energy management products that has come along in a long-time.  I am impressed with the high level of energy and excitement about Koolbridge Solar’s first product, The SMART LOAD CENTER™ and adding my 11-years of extensive energy management experience towards helping to make Koolbridge Solar a leader in the solar market”, said Eric Hinckley.


                            Eric Hinckley

Renova is a private equity firm with an established track record of investing in, financing and operating renewable energy assets. Since inception in 2007, they have successfully developed and capitalized over $600-million of renewable energy infrastructure. My track-record of working for and with energy-oriented companies makes my coming on-board Koolbridge Solar’s Board of Directors a logical occurrence and further allows me to help build start-ups.

In addition to Renova Capital Partners, Eric’s experience includes working together with SolarEdge and Tesla in the design of the Powerwall and electrical conversion equipment.  He also has worked at Vivint Smart Home, Nichols Power Systems, BriteStreet Energy Group, LLC, AES Distributed Energy, Inc, Main Street Power Company, Inc, Solar Resource Consulting, LLC, Simple Solar Systems, LLC, and Solorado Energy, LLC in 2008.

About Koolbridge Solar

Koolbridge Solar is the “Gateway to the Intelligent Home™”.   It is the first company to design, develop and sell the next generation of innovative intelligence driven, solar-ready, electrical power products that automatically select the most economical use of utility, solar, battery, wind or generator power for homes and businesses on a circuit-by-circuit basis.  Koolbridge Solar has patented and patent-pending products under development that effectively capture, manage and distribute electrical energy throughout homes or businesses.  Moreover, with Koolbridge’s first product obtaining UL approval, the SMART LOAD CENTER™, there is no power interruption whatsoever if the grid goes down while using solar power.    For additional information go to:  www.koolbridgesolar.com.


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