‘Spend It Now, Spend It Later or Spend It Never’ says Nancy Hite


TransMedia Group to Immortalize What Says Strategic Wealth Advisor Nancy Hite: ‘There Are Only Three Things You Can Do With Money: ‘Spend It Now, Spend It Later or Spend It Never’

BOCA RATON, FL.–The Strategic Wealth Advisor Nancy Hite has retained TransMedia Group to publicize the three things she tells her clients they can do with money: “Spend It Now, Spend It Later or Spend It Never.”

“Our PR program will highlight what Hite has learned over many years she has been advising clients about suitable financial strategies for their future, for as she puts it, ‘most people are afraid of running out of money before they run out of time,’” says TransMedia Group CEO Tom Madden.

“Because she doesn’t believe ‘retirement’ is a 21st Century Concept, Hite avoids the word as she feels it creates ‘false’ mental pictures.”

TransMedia said it will focus on how most people simply don’t realize what they’re spending daily, but must plan for the future, or as Hite likes to say, “they must have an umbrella ready for a rainy day.”

“Our program will show how she helps her clients take an honest look at their financial affairs and fine tune what they’re spending now so they can enjoy the future they desire,” said Catherine deHaan, Executive VP of PR, Marketing and Production.

“Longevity has increased dramatically to where it’s not unusual to live into your 90’s and beyond, which is why Hite’s message is more relevant today,” she added.

“Our publicity will ask whether RETIREMENT is even a 21st Century word, for as Nancy points out, ‘once people understand they’ll have a longer life, and their money has to last them, they’re realizing retirement may not fit into the modern financial world,’” said Madden, who in his late 70’s vows he’ll never retire. “Like Hite, I believe if you love what you do, you keep looking forward to Monday morning.”

Most of Hite’s clients age 40 and over have worked as business professionals, medical professionals, or small to midsize business owners, and have investment portfolios, but are concerned about future income. Nancy says, “we help people look ahead when they barely have a chance to look up!”

Nancy J. Hite, CFP®️,CWS®️,ChFC, CLU, RFC a Fiduciary and founder of The Strategic Wealth AdvisorTM LLC offers financial advice and coaching to help clients prepare and enjoy the next chapter of their lives without financial worry.


Media contact: Catherine deHaan 561-750-9800 x2330; catherine@transmediagroup.com


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