#bravebrowser brings basic attention to the web #bat

A new web browser is available for web surfers who want to go beyond the Edge, Firefox, and Chrome options. Brave boasts faster surfing speeds and better content blocking to ensure a seamless browsing experience.

Users can also undergo a KYC process to enable the BAT token reward program, and also load the Saturn Wallet and trade TEEN on the Saturn Network.



Saturn Wallet is a fully functional wallet that allows you to seamlessly interact with dApps on Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, TomoChain, POA Core and xDai. You can easily swap between networks with one click and manage all your wallets across both blockchains with one tool. Our goal is to develop Saturn Wallet side by side with our exchange to give traders a better experience on our platform.

Currently our extension is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Chromium or Opera. If you need any help during the installation process, please check the guides below.



One response to “#bravebrowser brings basic attention to the web #bat”

  1. Thank yyou for sharing this


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