Saturn Exchange Reports Q3 Results


Coin Currency News and Teen Coin are pleased to announce that the Saturn Exchange, where Teen is publicly traded, has reported strong Q3 results and continues to excel on the innovation and development side. Here is the Q3 report.


Saturn Q3 2019 Review

Saturn Network presents its latest investor update, summarising our Q3 2019 performance – which has seen monumental growth.

Saturn Q3 2019 Review

Transparency is one of the core values of Saturn Network. We operate on-chain, communicate our goals upfront with our investors, and achieve these goals in very capital efficient way – transferring the gains back to our investors via increased utility of SATURN and STRN tokens, and financial freedom that our technology brings to its users.

Saturn Network Roadmap
Saturn Network Roadmap outlines a path to decentralized financial freedom powered by blockchains, smart contracts, DEXs and cryptocurrency.
Q2 2019 Summary
Saturn Network presents its regular progress update in our Q2 2019 Summary with a new exchange UI release.

This quarter our focus has been split among working on four distinct products. We launched the new HODL dapp with decentralized referral program, which we have plans to turn into a service that generates income for Saturn DAO. Saturn Wallet has received a major upgrade which brought in a large number of daily active users, contributed to growth of our community, and established our multi-chain presence. Saturn DEX has received a major facelift, including USD denominated prices, faster loading times, orderbook and candlestick charts, and a number of transparency features. And the work on Dapp Dev Kit has allowed our dev team to deliver secure dapps faster and cheaper than ever before, which we have demonstrated in our pre-releases.

Saturn Q3 2019 Review

  1. Exchange
  2. Saturn Wallet
  3. Dapp Dev Kit
  4. HODL2020 Program
  5. Summary

Exchange Q3 Summary

Q3 has been absolutely monumental for Saturn Network exchange growth, with volume and user records being shattered almost every week. We are seeing very healthy sustained growth based on utility of our decentralized platform in isolation, ahead of our major releases that will let Saturn Network join the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

Liquidity for all ETH tokens thanks to Atomic Arbitrage
We are happy to report successful testing of our prototype for atomic arbitrage and would like to announce an IDEO to support this features development.

You can track our exchange statistics in real time via Saturn Tools dashboard.

  • We have now seen over 24,332 trades (111.85% increase relative to Q2) being completed and over 11,170 orders created (64.35% increase relative to Q2), which resulted in a total volume of over 16,985 ETC (98.73% increase relative to Q2) and 252 ETH (418.34% increase relative to Q2) respectively.
  • Over 1,866 different users (107.33% increase relative to Q2) have been seen making a transaction on our platform.
  • There are now over 353 tradable assets on our exchange, which continues to be the largest token offering on any exchange thanks to Token Self-Listing.
  • Over 32,752.983 SATURN (417.5% increase relative to Q2) and 829,531.987 STRN (103.05% increase relative to Q2) have been distributed by our trade mining rewards program.

You can see this growth on this 30-day volume trend chart. The red bullet indicates the release of new exchange UI.

Our further plans for the DEX include

  • Usability improvements – add “buy 100% order”, “buy 50% order” buttons.
  • Improve order creation experience by suggesting optimal price given order book depth.
  • Mobile UI improvements, enabling you to trade on the go.
  • Atomic Arbitrage to bring liquidity from other DEXs to our exchange.
  • Improve discoverability through enhanced token page, that will cover latest news about a token and display technical indicators and their interpretation (buy now / hodl / sell now).
  • One-click integration with Saturn Wallet.
  • Internationalization, support for more languages to make Saturn Network accessible to the whole world.
  • More fiat currencies support, to help people price tokens in a currency that they are used to.

Saturn Wallet Q3 Summary

Thanks to your funding we have released major upgrades to our Saturn Wallet v2 of the wallet now has a new user interface, upgraded infrastructure, support for hardware wallets, direct smart contract and dapp integration, new chains and developer mode.

Saturn Wallet Daily Active Users400-100-50050100150200250300350400450LJan 2019MarMayJulJan 2020OctAprDate

Saturn Wallet v2.0 release has caused a major increase of install base that you can see on the chart above. Combined with upcoming internationalization release (for both exchange and the wallet), as well as by adding more EVM chains that are popular in regions such as Indonesia, Russia, Latin America, Middle East and Asia, we will greatly boost number of traders and daily users of Saturn Network products!

What is Goerli and Kotti – cross platform Ethereum testnets
Cross platform Ethereum testnets? Learn why Goerli and Kotti are important for Dapp developers. Both testnet networks now supported by Saturn Wallet!
Saturn Wallet adds support for TomoChain (TOMO)
TomoChain is an EVM compatible smart contract blockchain, now supported by Saturn Wallet. Here we provide TOMO Price review, key features, investor review and best wallet.
Saturn Ecosystem: Ready for Ledger, Trezor Users
Enabling Hardware wallet users to access our platform is an important step for opening up Saturn Network to further growth and scaling possibilities.
Claim Airdrops directly in Saturn Wallet
Saturn Wallet supports interacting with smart contracts directly, no need to use any external websites or third parties. Claim your airdrop directly on chain, this is what being decentralized looks like!
Saturn Wallet v2.0.0 Released
Saturn Wallet is now back on Chrome Web Store, and our new release supports connecting your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet. Also a beautiful new theme!

Dapp Dev Kit Summary

The ETC investors have spoken and completed almost 50% of the funding goal. As such, we have prioritized our work on this technology, and early versions are already available to developers on our Github.

We also use the Dapp Dev Kit internally, and we have most recently used it to improve our Airdrop Tool – making it more user friendly and 50 times (5000%) faster and more efficient! We also showed how this dev kit enables developers to save time and develop better dapps. In order to demonstrate that, Neuron has used the Dapp Dev Kit to complete the $1,500 Gitcoin bounty by ETC Labs in one hour.

Dapp Dev Kit Pre-Release: New Airdrop Tool Open Sourced
Airdrop Tool update and open source release, made with Saturn Dapp Dev Kit. Now with an easy to use interface and fifty times more gas efficient!
Dapp Dev Kit Pre-Release: How to earn $1,500 on Gitcoin bounties
Neuron decides to put our internal Dapp Dev Kit to the test and destroys an ETC Labs’ smart contract bounty in 1 hour – while adding in improvements, of course!

To test how these upgrades are received by our community we have organized the Spooky Halloween Airdrop and it was a smashing success – instantly delivering our dapps the top three spots on the Ethereum Classic chain, proving just how dominant our position is in ETC Dapp ecosystem.

Saturn dApps are Number One on Ethereum Classic
Saturn Network dApps are Number One on Ethereum Classic. Our tools are creating a huge adoption of ETC ecosystem. Buy STRN, invest in growth!

Dapp Dev Kit is also our trojan horse for bringing the Saturn Network community and brand into the world of other chains. From the very beginning we have made a bet on multi-chain EVM future, and this bet is paying off – all our technology is developed with cross-chain usage in mind, and it takes only small modifications to bring our tokens, dapps and services to other chains.

Our Services | Saturn Network
Service for token airdrops, trading competitions, crypto press releases, cryptocurrency marketing, smart contract audits and custom token creation. Powered by Saturn Exchange.

HODL2020 Summary

Saturn 2020 Token Distribution
Here Neuron provides an update to how Saturn token distribution is progressing on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Incorporated on the blockchain as a DAO, a new type of software company. The numbers show investing in Saturn Protocol, is investing in growth.

The biggest news for our investors is the HODL2020 Investor Program that we have launched in Q3. Funds raised from this program allow us to

  • Equitably distribute Saturn tokens that will play a crucial role in governance of decentralized protocols within our ecosystem and participate in profit sharing
  • Get us one step further towards completing the Saturn Roadmap towards separation of State and Money and enhancing individual freedom
  • Develop cutting edge technology to fuel our further growth – the Dapp Dev KitAtomic Arbitrage and Tokenized Trading Bots

Join HODL2020

HODL2020 Funding Status

Tokenized Trading Bots are the most interesting element of the three, as they create a new DeFi primitive that allows crypto users to stake their Ether and Tokens inside a smart contract and let bots and professional traders manage these funds, earning a passive income from this activity. This is huge for the Saturn Network DEX Volume, the value of Saturn tokens, as well as the broader cryptocurrency world as we find more and more use cases for crypto technology.

Tokenized Trading Bots | Saturn Exchange
Neuron outlines a new feature that we will implement by combining Atomic Arbitrage with our Ethereum Dev Kit, giving Saturn users the option of investing in tokenized trading bots.

However, it is important to understand that Tokenized Trading Bots depend on successful completion of both the Dapp Kit and the Atomic Arbitrage. Once the latter two technologies are funded and operational we will be able to complete the Trading Bot milestone in no time!


Q3 performance has been beyond our expectation, with double digit growth across core metrics and increased development speed. With the trading volume and user growth we have seen we can officially conclude that the 2018 crypto winter is over and we are ushering straight into the 2020 alt season.

As altcoins like SATURN and STRN get more utility and provide people with services that make their lives easier, we are about to witness another wave of retail users embracing crypto to serve their needs.

We are attracting new investors to participate in this growth and share the rewards of being into crypto early, selecting the right projects, and rightfully earning life changing amounts of money – because together, we are promoting ideals of individual freedom, self-sovereignty, privacy and changing lives of millions of people for the better.

Future is bright!

Strategic Investor Programs

Be sure to follow Team Saturn on Twitter for our latest announcements and updates,  join our HODL 2020 Investment Program to support development of our roadmap, and share your unique referral link to get extra rewards!

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