Melvin Bailey Talks Cryptocurrency #interview

In a recent interview between Coin Currency News, and computer pioneer Melvin Bailey, it was realized that digital currencies may be the next big thing in computers.

Mr. Bailey said that fortune often favours those who get involved during the early stages, especially when it comes to computing and digital currency.

“First came computers and so during that period of time I was so very interested in to getting into computers and learning about them as a rule.”

Do you think Teen Coin is a good idea for students and youth?

“Yes, if you can get in at the bottom so to speak I’ve been told that usually when you’re in-and-in there in the beginning there you are more likely to be a successful in your endeavors and getting service and being able to.

Bailey talked about how getting in early as an investor is key to making strong equity gains.  “Yes I’m actually getting involved in and I want to be 1 of those earlier people to get there and find the way and go and do what is going to be in the future and those people who get their first will get all the goodies.”

He also talked about Bitcoin and the concept of a global currency, as well as endorsing the Coin Currency News site.

Coin Currency News will continue to look for funding partners and leaders and mentors to help grow both the News and the Teen token as part of a larger integration plan with young and old investors alike. Getting a banking partner continues to be a top priority, with interested vendor already taking an interest in the project.

Bailey talked about how digital currency can alleviate traditional exchange problems between national currencies, and that it is a trend that is here to stay.

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