CoronaCoin #CoronaCoin Swap for Teen Coin

Congratulations Teen Coin Holders!


You now have option.




NCOV is a project that has extremely volatile market behaviour, and is only 4 months old. The project has a combination of decentralized contributors, with most of the coronavirus tracking being done by the same development team of TEEN.


“As lead coronavirus tracker using the NCOV blockchain, I see that the future is bright with CoronaCoin. NCOV has a spattered history of abuse and victimization, and as a result, the price is ripe for the taking, where future prices may offer TEEN holders a satisfying reward.”


The Choice is yours. For larger holders of 50 million or more, it may be a nice way to return some coins back to the reserve and get some NCOV, or CoronaCoin.

CoronaCoin has not been a knight in shining armor on the markets either, after a 5000% downsell, everyone thought the project was done, but then, some of the investors realized that it might not have been a scam, but just a really bad market correction, and began buying up the coins, where some analysts saying it recovered 99% in price since the all time lows.


Part of the reason the coin has survived is because of a series of investment schemes that members planned to help realize the original dream of CoronaCoin, which was designed to track the CoronaVirus through buying and burning infections.

This concept was then realized and deployed on May 22 to the CoronaCoin Ethereum Smart Contract so that coins would be purchased each week, where tracking records began on


“The concept stuck; we had a lot of people interested in the original NCOV and thankful that it survived in light of all the problems it faced, especially the adversity with all the forks, and all the coins being diversified amongst such a wide user base. It is expected that the user base will grow with the coming Teen Coin swap option, where TEEN holders will now have a chance to join the NCOV project.”


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