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  • https://cpdformula.com/course/central-bank-digital-currencies-governance-and-taxation?invitation=gpMf3G2fj86hdR
  • It covers some of the most recent information updates from the Government of Canada and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding taxation policies and how crypto is classified as a property, or asset depending on it’s use, as well as Bitcoin legality by country.
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  • The course has 6 -10 minute video sections that cover the following topics:


Section 1. Canada Revenue Agency and Virtual Currency Compliance

Section 2. Japan, UK, USA, Canada Bitcoin Legal Tender Status

Section 3. Review of Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA

Section 4. Central Bank Issued Currencies (Digital Yuan, Petro)

Section 5. IRS View on Cryptocurrency

This course is good for anyone who invests in Crypto, and answers the most common taxation questions in Canada and the USA. Please share freely!

An overview of banking and security laws in the virtual currency industry. Review of countries, governing agencies, and regulating bodies.

Topics Include:
Canada Revenue Agency and Canadian Virtual Currency Regulations
Review of Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA
Central Bank Issued Currencies (Digital Yuan, Petro)
IRS View on Cryptocurrency