Young Entrepreneurs Head to Saudi for G20 Alliance Meeting

Young Entrepreneurs align goals and tap into new forces for the Riyadh Summit. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – EDMONTON, CANADA (OCTOBER 25, 2020). On October 29 and 30, 2020, young entrepreneurs from around the world will gather in Saudi Arabia as part of a virtual summit. The Summit has a Canadian Delegate Team put together by Futurpreneur. The FULL LIST of Delegates is also available.

The First Prototype, Saamer Mansoor

“It’s a great way show the diversity and opportunities that Canada has to offer to young entrepreneurs,” said Mansoor.

The First Prototype

“TFP specializes in Mobile App Development, at the intersection of ML and IOT.” – Saamer Mansoor

Power to Girls Foundation, Aisha Addo

Aisha Addo is excited to represent Canada at the YEA G20. “To share the experiences of Canadian Entrepreneurs in the social profit sector. Getting the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs from across the world is something that I am excited to experience as part of the YEA G20 Summit.”

Aisha Addo

Aisha Addo runs the Power to Girls Foundation. Power To Girls Foundation is a not for profit organization that helps empower black and marginalized girls in the Greater Toronto Area and abroad. We are dedicated to providing positive mentorship, community interaction and recreational activities that inspire self-confidence, build self-esteem, friendships, nutritional health, and integrity in the hearts of all our girls., Robert Chernish

Robert Chernish, one of the senior participants at the age of 38 is pleased to have made the cut. “It’s great to be hanging out with all the young entrepreneurs and learning about new businesses and how they can partner with Teen Coin. It’s all about perspective and meeting people and making lasting impressions that can be used for future networking.” said Chernish. “I am really happy to meet all the foreign participants and enjoy this virtual experience as I pitch Teen Coin to international players.”

I am pleased to represent Canada after spending years of working abroad. My experience will bring me new business leads and customer improvement processes and the opportunity to get closer to a banking deal. We are looking to raise $400,000 in Capital by selling our coin reserves. We are in scalability stage and are only 12% diluted. Our primary sell targets are central banks, business development banks, and private equity firms.

Remy Warren, Remy -International Consumer Products Inc.

Remy – International Consumer Products is a successful e-commerce based company. The profits from this business are currently being used to fund a new innovation called ‘MoxyPatch’ which is a patent pending medical device used to prevent the symptoms of incontinence in adult females. MoxyPatch will be an over the counter, environmentally friendly product that will help women regain their freedom and confidence back and be free of unintentional leaks. The MoxyPatch brand intends to offer the 30% of women who suffer from incontinence a true preventative solution for incontinence leaks and decrease consumers’ reliance on disposable products which are a heavy burden on the environment.

Being in my last year of eligibility (I just turned 39 years old this year) I am both honoured and proud to represent Canada at the YEA G20 Summit. I hope to be able to provide valuable insights leading to beneficial recommendations that will help young entrepreneurs in future generations to come. I believe that my entrepreneurial journey has been such an amazing one where I have gained so much Valuable knowledge that I hope pass along to other young entrepreneurs so that they can benefit from the overall recommendations set forth from the delegation.

Jombone Inc., Sumit Sahdev

Jombone is a SaaS-based Human Capital Management platform tailored to Temporary, Contingent and On-demand staffing in the Industrial sector.

Currently, companies pay high mark-ups to staffing agencies and there is no easy way that exists for companies to hire and staff workers directly. Jombone connects communities of employment-ready workforce with local businesses through ‘Community Recruiters’ (gig workers).

The platform provides end-to-end hiring and staffing process automation using integrated fintech and cloud technologies.

Canadian values, business and technology acumen is truly world class. The YEA G20 Summit will help me connect with entrepreneurs, companies and investors globally to identify ways to collaborate and make an impact on the world. A lot of businesses/economies are pivoting because of COVID-19, the Summit present me with opportunities to drive hope, possibilities and change in the world.

Scantranx Technologies, Adetunji Adelakun

Our unique platform helps businesses to improve customer experience, increase sales, customer retention, and productivity.

I’m proud to represent Canada because I believe this is a life time opportunity that would help me to connect and network with government representatives and other entrepreneurs in Canada and worldwide. I strongly believe this will contribute significantly to the growth and expansion of my business. Also, being part of the delegate will give me opportunity to learn and discuss the challenges being faced by other young entrepreneurs in the world and propose a solution together in an intimate setting.

Accent Unique Inc., Jadi Kindred

“I believe languages open doors of opportunities.” says Jadi Kindred, Founder of Accent Unique. A private, accredited language school specializing in teaching English and French to business professionals since 2011. Their mission has helped hundreds of people improve their confidence speaking so they can expand their companies to new markets.

“I went to represent Canada at the G20 YEA in Fukuoka, Japan in 2019 and once I was there all of the entrepreneurs were simply global citizens wanting to help one another. I have met so many amazing people last year and I couldn’t wait to be part of the 2020 summit. My company went 100% online in 2020 and I am so grateful for the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs around the world virtually this year. This virtual summit reminds me how easily connected we all can be.”

OPA Technologies, Caroline Arnouk

OPA has developed an innovative geospatial platform to optimize coordination and communication of road closures and traffic detours using AI for smart cities and governments.

It’s an honor to represent innovative female entrepreneurs and also promote that technologies should have at heart the environment sustainability for a better future., Raphael Gotlieb

Raphael Gotlieb is set to go global as an entrepreneur to the G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia with the rest of the team. “As entrepreneurs and SME’s create most jobs in G20 countries, and their role is further increasing with globalization and digitalization, I believe tomorrow will be shaped by initiatives like G20 YEA today. In this new reality and changes brought on by the current pandemic, with economies shrinking significantly, erasing growth of past decades, I believe promoting entrepreneurship and representing the country I call home for 17 years is my honour. I am also passionate about global expansion and improving other economies as I see myself as a world citizen. I lived in several countries as a result of the surgical career of my father.

After leaving my native Los Angeles following the Northridge Earthquake in 1994, I spent some time in Belgium before immigrating to Israel, encouraged by a new Middle East’s vision following the Oslo Accord peace treaty. Strengthened by these experiences, I have seized the chance to explore new cultures. Having studied at the National University of Singapore for a year and travelled and explored over 70 countries, I am passionate about the opportunity to work on projects with global impact. These life experiences have not only humbled me but have allowed me to respect, understand and communicate across cultures. I want to represent Canada as a leader that demonstrates compassion and promotes socioeconomic improvements for G20 countries and globally.” -Raphael Gotlieb.

Gotlieb is representing at the Summit. “ is an innovative web-based platform providing free, evidence-based health education for patients. It consists of engaging animated video guides available in 20 languages, reducing dependency on printed media while standardizing and centralizing online information.”

Zavosh Zaboliyan and Shakti Arora, Mallecule

Mallecule digitizes and connects businesses to sell online quickly.

We are proud to represent Canada and participate in this year’s G20 YEA summit. Since the global pandemic many businesses have been forced to close down. We are on a mission to help businesses digitize their experience fast and free. Our platform provides an end-to-end solution that comes with a digital storefront, inventory management, customer analytics, shared traffic and much more. In the coming years, all businesses have to implement digital strategies in order to succeed. We are committed to providing access and support to young entrepreneurs and small businesses to reach their goals. We have been working on our core technology for a number of years and understand the challenges of running an e-commerce business. Our goal has always been to simplify the process and remove all barriers to give business owners everything they need to manage their digital stores. To learn more and get early access, visit us at:

Ghalia Aamer, TalkMaze

I love entrepreneurship. I started my first company, Toon Tutors, when I was 13 years old and struggled to find resources to help me build my business. After months of self guided research, I was able to craft a business plan and build a team. Over the past six years, I have learned a tremendous amount about business and my passion for entrepreneurship has flourished. I also took part in the Junior Achievement Company Program for three years before launching TalkMaze in 2019. I’m now 19 years old and know I still have a lot more to learn.

3/4 people are afraid of public speaking, yet resources to combat the fear are limited and expensive. TalkMaze is here to change that with an interactive, digital platform that has high quality resources and training to help people around the globe build effective communication skills.

Upbio, Mohammed Assafiri

Business wise :  As CEO of Upbio, Mohammed came up with the idea of mixing chocolate and theine (caffeine’s cousin). Not only did he uniquely come up with the idea behind the company, but he’s also the negotiator with distributors and providers to ensure the best prices for a new Quebec product. The company’s mission is to provide customers with the best chocolate products that have not yet been exploited at competitive prices. Upbio is part of the movement that encourages customers to buy organic, buy local, and be environmentally conscious of their decisions.

Our stimulant products are a combination of organic foods praised for their health benefits (cocoa, theine, and essential oils). The chocolates are produced and packaged in a workshop in Quebec. Similarly, research and development are also carried out entirely in Quebec.
‘m thrilled to be a Canadian representative, given that this is a product made, produced, and sold, solely in this beautiful country!
I believe the Summit G20 YEA is an ideal environment that will provide me with all the tools to learn, grow, and expand in ways I could have never envisioned. However, with that said, I am excited and inspired to see and take in the unique experiences of every other international delegate- the good, the bad, the sweet, and the sour. I believe every story shared is one worth listening to.

Fondateur Upbio

FJM Financial Group, frantzy Junior Mazile

FJM Financial Group, a universal technonuméric credit union ™ developing continuously a fintech platform of virtual financial services, accessible to all, combining the use of numeric technologies. Our mission is to inspire, accompany, teach, restore and serve humanity in the business world. Our services:

1- Offer a wide choice of financial services to consumers;

2- Search funds and grants, to different consumers and businesses;

3- Invest and affiliate with companies in the financial, technological and digital sectors of tomorrow.

“Because i would like to make a difference in the world and its a honour to represent Canada in the G-20.” said frantzy Junior Mazile.

Home. InternationalNL, Melissa A. Humphries

Home.Internationalnl is an international student recruitment and homestay company providing a premiere intercultural learning experience for international English as a Second Language (ESL) students in Newfoundland, Canada. Students are placed in the public and private school systems. And guided to success through engagement in uniquely curated cultural & educational programming.
Home.internationalnl has been successful in growth through partnerships and presence in more than 14 countries.

“The YEA G20 Summit holds profound partnership opportunities and a chance to hear from other like minded entrepreneurs – all the while sneaking a glimpse of the world through Saudi.” said Humphries.

AV Coatings Ltd/Click Coatings, Oksana Aliyev

CleanTech Manufacturer of coatings and paints.

I’m very proud to represent Canada at the YEA G20, because success of our idea and company became possible here — in Canada.

UpstartED, Céline Godard Aron

UpstartED is a Canadian nonprofit whose mission is to empower middle and high school students to thrive in a complex world as positive change makers.
We design experiential learning programs to equip students with the mindsets, skills and self-confidence required to become responsible social entrepreneurs who build a better world, for all.

As an immigrant, it is an honor to represent the country who welcomed me and my family 5 years ago. Especially this year as the theme resonates a lot with my personal journey.

I grow up in a difficult environment in which becoming an entrepreneur is not really the norm but rather an unreachable dream. I strongly believe that the human ability to influence its trajectory is immense. Nothing is set in stone. I believe my humble story can inspire young people who do not know what role they can play and what impact they can have on society.

At UpstartED, our raison-d’être is to help the youngest members of our society discover their potential and channel it towards making an impact.

Being part of this year’s delegation is an amazing opportunity for our nonprofit to build new connections and hopefully bring our programs to more marginalized youth around the world.

Unfortunately, our work has never been so direly needed. We are embracing the new reality and are committed to helping youth realize that they have infinite potential.


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