dogelonmars price eloncoin

Dogelon mars went for a blast around the planet and decided to take a little dogelon mars price dip. The price fell about 20% for the dogelon mars price, making it even more attractive to buyers who want to get more information on the dogelon price.

Dogelon Mars Price Dip

As a result of the price dip for Dogelon mars price, the rank of the ELON Coin fell from number 91 in the world to rank 109 as the coin.

So where do you think the price will go from here?

Many analysts think this is a market manipulation tactic to drive the dogelon mars price in the downward direction, hoping that early investors will take their profit and exit the market, but there is still lots of buying power for the ELON coin around the .0000001800 price level. This is part of a multimillion dollar strategy to increase the price of dogelon mars towards 1 cent, where it is slated to be positioned by June, 2021. As a result of the downpush on the dogelon mars elon coin, it is likely that there will be an upward trend moving into the next 24 hours as we see the coin gain back closer to the .0000002000 mark during day trading, then another possible downturn in the evening as more traders settle in for the night.

Based on the trends, the coin is most actively traded during the north american time zones, and falls during the asian day time when the north americans are not actively trading. This may be due to the influence of Elon Musk and the ELON coin’s permeation into the culture of the coin buying in north america.

However, the dogelon mars price is still very attractive as it is growing in hype very quickly with more and more people adding it to their watchlist, and more and more people joining the Telegram channel and Twitter feeds.

Dogelon Mars is also going to see some price gains for Elon Coin when it gets listed in larger exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, which are likely to happen in the future months.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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