#Santacoin begins to trend up

The Santa Coin price has started trending upward after lanuching earlier this week, moving over 400% in the first week of trading. With over 20,000 holders, and growing, the Santa Coin is trending upward. Will it reach $1 by Christmas?

Santa Coin Price Metrics


Santa coin is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face as the jolly fellow is busy at the North Pole managing all the operations for this Christmas. There are many presents in the roster for people all over the world, but the biggest present of all is a purchase of Santa Coin. Santa coin is traded on Binance Smart Chain through Pancakeswap, and there are plans for more listings.


Part of the Santa tokenomics includes a buyback and burn option, as well as other metrics including holder rewards so Santa Coin hodlers are sure to have a bountiful christmas. So what will happen before Christmas? The price of Santa Coin will continue to climb right until Christmas, nearing the price point of .001 cents and then it will drop around the beginning of the new year, and people who missed the first Santa Bull Run will be able to scoop up some Santa coin at a lower price.

Santa coin is a top trending coins and will reach the top 100 list by December 15, and likely be in the top 50 by Christmas.

Do you have any Santa Coin? Like, Comment, or Share this post and get on Santa’s good side.

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