#PirateBoy Set To Win

The price of pirate boy is cheap if you have a few cents or dollars you can get a couple million, but keep in mind there are 100 quadrillion in the total supplly. The large supply makes for great chances to gamble and play the game as well as fight in PVP and fight bosses.


Pirate Boy Is Set To Win

https://bscscan.com/token/0x1047104fdd07ed190d534082f3d1032365bd0251 — you can see the BSC contract details here.

Pirate Boy uses the concept of interstellar meta-universe NFT+GAMEFI to create a forward-looking social economic game token. Relying on the bsc chain, it creates an ecosystem with nautical adventure as the core, and launches a nautical-themed social application app. The NFT trading platform is a sub-branch, and the non-functional nautical game is the core architecture model. Pirate boy coin has both platform currency attributes and general game attributes. It is extremely innovative and can open NFT blind boxes.

PBC uses VR, distributed storage, smart contracts and other technologies to build a highly free decentralized linkage ecology in the virtual world, creating a more free and efficient NFT asset exchange protocol for players in the game world , Provide high-quality multi-form products based on Dapp game + DeFi, game + NFT asset synthesis, NFT + DeFi, and finally achieve the perfect integration of DeFi + NFT + chain games.

You can see the price of Pirate Boy here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/pirate-boy/

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