A Coin To Rule Them All #Makk

Makk Coin Price is ready to rise with the new listing on Crypto.com coming tomorrow. Recently listed on Coinmarketcap and CG, the Makk Coin Price went over 600% before levelling off. The coin offers holders a combination of rewards, and in the future there is plans for a Casino where Makkasino may accept Makk Coin.

Will this coin rule them all? More than a meme, there are also Makk NFTs in the works and much more:


Makk’s Philosophy

Makk is a DeFi deflationary token project with 3 key benefits at its core:​

  1. Rewards – for Makk holders, through long term growth, reflection and delivery of stage 3 projects and initiatives with unique reward mechanics
  2. Fairness – to our loyal community, focus on equality of opportunity to invest at pre-launch, public launch and beyond
  3. Safety – through a dedicated project team, committed to a long term vision for Makk. A locked LP, renounced ownership, un-rugpullable and post-launch audit

And beyond that Makk himself is all about fun and good fortune!!

Let The Discussions Begin!

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