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Thread.Money Announces Smart Neighborhoods Using Blockchain Technology

June 15, 2022

Atlanta, Georgia

For Immediate Release


Thread, better known as Thread.Money, has reconceptualized the model of smart neighborhoods using blockchain technology as a fundamental puzzle piece to establish a profitable, working, neighborhood development model around the blockchain. Deploying real-estate asset backed NFTs as a core concept for establishing safe, green-built homes, the project aims to re-invent the future of neighborhood making using a planned development model of bit-smart connectivity for longevity and productivity. Solving the problem of deteriorating neighborhoods through planned development, there are a range of factors that contribute to the success of the sustainability and profitability of the project, including:

  • Real-Estate Asset Backed NFTs
  • Thread.Money Token
  • State Partnerships
  • Government Funding
  • Blockchain connectivity
  • DAO membership
  • State-of-the-art Green Homes
  • Property Acquisition
  • Blockchain token rewards

A DAO Investment Platform and Smart Neighborhood Community

The model uses blockchain as an investment platform for investors and stakeholders to participate in the development of bit-smart neighborhoods, which allows for building of green homes connected via the blockchain. The DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, is derived of members of the investment community that can earn token rewards from rental income, neighborhood incentives, administrative fees, and other costs that will be given back to the members. The DAO itself allows for participants either within the investment community and residents of the bit-smart neighborhood a self-governing model for sustainability and profitability to create a future that is bright and sustainable. 

Investment Platform and Thread Token Sales Now Live on Pancakeswap

Participating in the Thread Money platform is now possible for investors who want to get in on early seed stage token pricing via Pancakeswap for the binance smart chain token Thread Money. The ticker is Thread/BNB and can be found at this link or by adding token using the contract address: 0x974fdeb9caadcc4f61f4362022bb7ef1785cc7a9

The fundraising through early token sales will add to the capital raise of Thread Money by offering early investors a possible upside on the early stages of securing the blueprints for future homes and participating in the property acquisition in state areas where new neighborhoods will be established. Having a need for future homes that are sustainable and connected via tokenomics and blockchain is a pivotal moment in neighborhood in development. Francesco Kozerski, Founder and CEO, says, “We are in the business of building something real using a technology that can connect our communities in new ways both financially and economically to provide viable and sustainable options for longevity and productivity.” The neighborhoods themselves are planned using municipal and state guidelines adhering to the most practical and functional capabilities to prevent poverty and deterioration. Among the homes that are not purchased by investors who will receive their asset backed NFTs are rental homes that will offer token holders rewards from rental fees, thus increasing the fund for the DAO and the token holders themselves. 

Investing in the Future

With the range and diversity of projects out there on the market today, Thread Money offers investors an alternative investment in blockchain that merges technology with real-life development providing real-life rewards. Having established a presence on the markets through decentralized exchange trading, the Thread.Money token is now available for purchase to investors who want to capitalize on early stage development and see an upside as the project gains momentum and achieves milestones. Join this project as an investor or visit for more information.

Stages 1-6 – 2022-2024

1 – Community, Brand, Token Development – *m (Milestone) = 1,000+ holders/$2M+ MCAP

2 – Community Membership NFT – *m = 10,000 owners of the community NFT

3 – Metaverse Neighborhood Development – *m = VR 3d Neighborhood Developed

4 – Property Acquisition – *m = Acreage Acquisition and Ground-breaking

5 – NFT Property Development – *m = 300-500 homes, a K-12 academy and light commercial

6 – Development Income Distribution – *m = profits from rental income and by-product sales back to the DAO and shareholder community via Security Token Offering.

Stages 7-10  –  2025-2030

7 – Grow Model to Scale Output – *m 3-5 additional neighborhoods begin the planning stage while multi-thousand-acre property acquisition for factory farm neighborhood development. 

8 – ICF Home Factory *m = Manufacture all house kits for our proprietary communities.

9 – Land Acquisition *m = Purchase Land for future developments in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and South America.

10- 1st Full Size Neighborhood Complete = *m Duplicatable Sustainable Living for 10,000 People.

Visit Thread.Money or head over to Discord to learn more about game-changing project using blockchain technology and real-world asset development. 

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