Blockchain Consulting / Crypto Marketing Services


Are you new to the blockchain world, or perhaps an experienced developer but have some burning questions about the blockchain and cryptocurrency? Feel free to get in touch with me and we can get your right foot forward on your next steps into the world of cryptocurrency with some blockchain consulting. With more mainstream institutions and financial agencies coming into the world of cryptocurrency, it is wise to have a blockchain consultant on hand. Why hire another company when you can hire me? I am a dedicated client-first consultant who will use 8 years of expertise in the blockchain industry to help grow your business through dynamic consultations and active development.

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I started Coin Currency News in 2014 and wrote over 900 articles on cryptocurrency, fintech, and blockchain, over the past 8 years and continue to publish to this day.

Here are a couple Whitepapers I write (let me know if you need more samples):

In 2018, I wrote the first accredited blockchain high school course in the world:

I have written over 20 whitepapers and business plans on the subject of NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrency and led the cryptocurrency and blockchain division for Transworld Media Group:

I have 7 years as a coin developer, miner, writer, NFT subject matter expert, course author, book author, and news writer. I know that this project is an excellent fit for me, and I look forward to some long-term development work if possible to join the team.

My specialties are whitepapers, business plans, pitch decks, NFTs, and website development including social media and slack/discord account management.

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