#Invention Real-Time Price Check Smart Meter


Tired of surprises when you get your heating bill? Well, today we are going to talk about the invention of a smart meter that can provide price checks in real-time that allows you to validate your consumption of gas based on a few variables:

*gas price

*temperature in house

*temperature outside

*gas usage

The meter will be able to calculate the amount of gas coming through the meter and be able to correlate the price of usage based on the spot price of gas. When the thermostat is adjusted, the meter will also adjust to allow for automatic updates of usage so that users will be able to determine the price of usage at any time during any temperature.

The meter can also store cumulative usage and forecast predictions based on a time series.

This invention solves the problem of raising gas prices and other problems related to billing for gas consumption, and give users more freedom and control to manage your heating during the cold winter months.

I hope you enjoy this invention and hope to see it come to the market in the future!


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