2019 Cryptocurrency Year In Review

Late 2018 brought alot of forecasts about the price of Bitcoin in 2019, namely saying that the coin would reach $100,000 and beyond. The reality of 2019 was much more bearish than analysts’ forecasts.

In fact, crypto was quite sluggish heading into 2019, and remained so throughout most of the year compared to previos years where growth was often in the double and triple percentiles.

This means that the price of Bitcoin has stabilized. Rather than seeing a lot of volatility, the markets have shown a resiliency to pressures, and that they can remain constant.

This has actually helped more investors get into Bitcoin at a more affordable price.


According to a recent price chart captured from Coin Market Cap, Bitcoin price ranged from it’s current lower price point of $7,200 USD to $12,500 USD in July. The high point in July correlates to an overall average over a 4-year price period where it typically sails higher during the summer months than the colder winter months.

This may be due to seasonal pressures that we have seen in the past, and may offer some insights to an investment strategy moving into January 2020, where we may see the price start to recover on an upward bullish trend starting in February and climbing into July again, with the possibility of continuing on an upward trend into 2021.


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#Bitcoin Makes Large Gain in Early May

Bitcoin prices went up close to 10% and market exchanges completed over 25 Billion USD in market trades, making it one of the biggest days of 2019.


Ethereum and Ethereum Classic also showed gains ahead of the upcoming Atlantis transition, and since Ethereum is still the dominant altcoin mother, it is still unndervalued by many analysts. Last year when Bitcoin was close to 20k USD in January 2018, and after dropping continuously off and on to it’s low of $3800 in January, you can see there is a clear shift that we have entered a bull-market.

Ethereum.org gets a new branding

In the last 5 months, the price of BTC has doubled, with yesterday’s buying pushing it to new heights and setting new highs for the year.

There is no doubt that although the industry has grown competitively over the last couple years, there is still room for large-scale growth across all facets of the Blockchain and Altcoins sectors.

Other coins that are providing digital economy and token economy apps, such as Synchrolife, are still largely undervalued when it comes to pricing because of how amazing they are.

Paying 8000 USD for a Bitcoin that does nothing, compared to an SYC token at 1 cent that provides a range of services in the food and token economy industry is a smarter bet according to some day traders.

After a slower than usual market in the early portion of the year when everyone’s profits were destroyed by losses, it is clear that some traders never gave up.

“If everyone would have sold last december, then bought in January, then the markets would be a different story,” said Bucky Beaver.

Take a look at the 2019 YTD PRICE TREND:


Any predictions on price for December 2019?