Independent Reserve adds Perth Mint Gold Token #PMGT

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A partnership between two leading Australian fintech companies – InfiniGold and Independent Reserve – will today enable SMSF trustees to obtain exposure to digital gold.
Independent Reserve adds Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) As The Rush On Precious Metals Continues 

Users of Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange can now trade government backed gold in real-time and obtain exposure to bullion in their SMSF

Sydney, Australia – 11 September 2020 – Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Independent Reserve, has today announced the addition of Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT). PMGT is issued by leading commodities digitisation company, InfiniGold and is 100% backed by GoldPass certificates issued by The Perth Mint. GoldPass certificates are fully backed by physical Perth Mint gold, with the weight and purity of every ounce guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia.
Independent Reserve customers will be able to buy and sell PMGT on its secure digital asset exchange. The precious metal can be traded against major fiat currencies, including AUD, NZD and USD.
The partnership between Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, underpinned by Australia’s well regulated financial sector with the world’s first digital token backed by government guaranteed gold, creating a tokenised solution made possible by InfiniGold’s pioneering technology incubated out of RoZetta Ventures, the investment arm of the RoZetta Group.
Prior to founding InfiniGold, its core team was responsible for the development of SMARTS, the leading global market surveillance program which was acquired by NASDAQ in 2010. Therefore, it is highly experienced in building regulatory compliant capital markets solutions.
A strong regulatory foothold enables Independent Reserve to offer its services to Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Unique to the Australian market, these funds allow investors to take control over how their retirement savings are invested. SMSF trustees can obtain exposure to bullion without the complexity of storing and managing the physical asset. With designated SMSF accounts and unique cryptocurrency tax statements powered by global professional services firm KPMG, Independent Reserve provides the ideal platform for SMSFs to invest in digital assets like PMGT.
“We see a lot of overlap between cryptocurrency and gold investors. As such I anticipate a lot of interest from our customers in being able to easily purchase and trade digitised gold assets,” said Adrian Przelozny, CEO, Independent Reserve.
“The listing not only demonstrates the coming together of two leading Australian companies but marks an important milestone for the gold industry, investors and digital asset exchanges,” said Jon Deane, CEO, InfiniGold.
“Independent Reserve’s trusted reputation coupled with InfiniGold’s affiliation with The Perth Mint and its store of the government guaranteed gold which backs PMGT has built a solid foundation for the institutionalisation of tokenised assets.”
About PMGT
Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) is the first digital gold token on a public blockchain with its underlying asset underpinned by government guaranteed gold. Each digital token is issued by InfiniGold and backed 1:1 by GoldPass certificates representing physical gold held by The Perth Mint – the custodian of the physical gold which supports PMGT. This gold is securely stored in its central bank grade vaults and is guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. For more information please visit:
About InfiniGold
InfiniGold is a leading precious metals digitisation company that has developed a platform for the digitisation of gold and other precious metals. A spinout from Rozetta Ventures and part of the RoZetta Group (, formerly Capital Markets CRC), the technology underpinning InfiniGold’s digital gold certificates is co-developed with other Rozetta Institute companies. It is also used to issue electronic cash and for the trading, clearing and settlement of unlisted securities. The core InfiniGold team previously developed SMARTS, the global leading market surveillance business that was acquired by NASDAQ in 2010. For more information please visit:
About Independent Reserve
Established in 2013, Independent Reserve is Australia’s most trusted cryptocurrency order book exchange and OTC trading desk. Over 150,000 customers from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore trust Independent Reserve to easily buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other major cryptocurrencies. Independent Reserve offers a range of innovative features, including insurance on crypto assets, AutoTrader, KPMG tax estimator, API integration and world-class security. For more information please visit: 

Cryptocurrency Taxation Laws Revisited in Professional Development Course

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  • It covers some of the most recent information updates from the Government of Canada and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding taxation policies and how crypto is classified as a property, or asset depending on it’s use, as well as Bitcoin legality by country.
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  • The course has 6 -10 minute video sections that cover the following topics:


Section 1. Canada Revenue Agency and Virtual Currency Compliance

Section 2. Japan, UK, USA, Canada Bitcoin Legal Tender Status

Section 3. Review of Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA

Section 4. Central Bank Issued Currencies (Digital Yuan, Petro)

Section 5. IRS View on Cryptocurrency

This course is good for anyone who invests in Crypto, and answers the most common taxation questions in Canada and the USA. Please share freely!

An overview of banking and security laws in the virtual currency industry. Review of countries, governing agencies, and regulating bodies.

Topics Include:
Canada Revenue Agency and Canadian Virtual Currency Regulations
Review of Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA
Central Bank Issued Currencies (Digital Yuan, Petro)
IRS View on Cryptocurrency

#covid19 #coronavirus #immunity #cloudhealth Health Registry

Cloud Health Virus Immunity Registry

My Teen Coin introduced the Cloud Health Virus Immunity Registry to the World Health Organization on February 02, 2020 as part of a movement to help share the news about this innovative program.

The proposition is to spread news about the Cloud Health Virus Immunity Registry as part of the Google Cloud Health program designed by Teen Coin programmers in 2019. The program allows for registrants to enroll in the Teen Coin Google Cloud Health program matrix which operates using a cloud health matrix interface to test real-world health vs. health in the matrix of registered users.

Cloud Health Virus Immunity Registry Form Can Be Completed Here

While the respective program is designed to cover all aspects of health, the indicators of measurement are refined to the basic category of how users feel when they complete the registry form:

  • unhealthy vs. healthy

The hypothesis of the project is that people who register within the matrix-based Virus Immunity Registry will remain healthy in the real world because of the Google Cloud Health matrix solution.

When a candidate changes status from healthy to unhealthy, or vice-versa, it will change the matrix test of gauging health within the population and provide a reliability measure for the success of the program.

“Having people complete the form and enrolling them in the Teen Coin Google Cloud Health Matrix App will be an interesting test to see if the Cloud Health Program really works. Being able to establish the registry and test it during the corona virus outbreak is an excellent opportunity to test our matrix cloud health program.”

Registrants will receive 100 teen coins for participating, and also get a free enrollment into the Teen Coin Google Cloud Health Program.

Complete the forms in two minutes or less here:

Cloud Health Virus Immunity Registry

HSBC Consents To Crypto In Future Banking Memo

While the paradigm shift from paper money to digital money may seem light years away, those who know the industry are already engaging the next generation of bankers to shift to the digital.


In a recent release from HSBC, “The World’s Bank”, Josh Bottomley writes:


Over the past decade, banking apps on smartphones have given people the freedom to manage their finances when and how they want. But even bigger benefits are just around the corner.

In the next 10 years new technology will offer customers personalised financial support, instant home-buying decisions and even tougher cybersecurity.

A key factor driving change is the fact that artificial intelligence is coming of age. Automatic programs are already able to carry out complex tasks, such as fielding customer queries, more quickly and accurately than ever. At the same time, advances in data storage are unlocking the power of “big data”, giving these programs the ability to analyse vast amounts of information.

In the future, customers will be able to ask banks to analyse their spending patterns and give them tailored recommendations on investing and saving. Banks could also offer hints on decisions such as switching utility provider to save money – or even switch automatically on a customer’s behalf if they prefer.

Mobile banking services could also incorporate new technologies such as augmented reality and voice activation. Imagine looking for a new home: you point your phone at the house of your dreams and talk directly into your banking app. Your bank could tell you not only how much your monthly mortgage repayments might be but also, by drawing from public information, details about local services and taxes.

Technology is also opening up new ways of keeping people and the financial system safe. Automated programs are already capable of carrying out security checks speedily and accurately, helping spot criminal activity and combat fraud. Such tools are likely to become even smarter and more widely used in future.

And in the area of data privacy, banks are investing heavily in technology to help customers keep their personal information secure, including fingerprint or face recognition. As people’s digital identities become increasingly important, the role of banks could expand to include helping customers prove who they are safely to other organisations online.

These advances make it an exciting time to be in financial services. It is no surprise that new competitors are keen to enter the market. But while digital technology is transforming the industry, it takes much more than just tech to succeed in banking.

It takes much more than just tech to succeed

That’s a message reinforced by Banking of the Future, a report written for HSBC by academic and fintech expert Dr Markos Zachariadis.

At its heart, banking is based on trust. While customers often want banking services to be modern and responsive, they also want to be certain that their money and their information are safe. And they want banks to help them make informed and appropriate decisions. It is vital that automated programs do not encourage people to take on debts they cannot repay, for example, or make investments that do not meet their needs.

Financial services providers must demonstrate they are using new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data in an ethical way. As well as securing the consent of their regulators and investors, it is important they communicate clearly with customers and give them meaningful choices about the use of their information.” (end quote)

In some ways, Mr. Bottomley’s forecast may already be outdated as some of my own research on Japan’s move to paperless banking is already underway.

Google will also begin the Apply Pay Chequing account next year according to some sources, and the Teen Coin currency recently completed their audit for Google SKU-casting and QR-Code matching, making it the first cryptocurrency of it’s kind to bridge both QR, Crypto, and SKU-casting in the Google Cloud. #patentpending

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Robert Chernish


Founder (Coin Currency News, Teen Coin).