WAVES Coin Passes $5.50 USD

Waves has been making consistent gains over the past few days as investors have been hedging back into the Waves Platform since the Bitcoin fork. Just a few days ago investors could have picked up some Waves Coin for a few dollars, and now the coins are above the $5 price point.

Waves has been around for over a year and offers a range of incentives from their platform, as well as most recently claiming to add Bitcoin Cash to user’s wallets.

Another recently added function to the Waves client is the addition of the DEX markets, with is sure to add some volume to the Waves platform, as previously users had to deal on the DEX platform separately.

Learn more about the Waves PLatform by heading over to their website and getting involved as it may end up paying dividends in the future!


State of Digital Money

There appears to be a relationship between the higher volume trading and the recent downtrend in the Bitcoin and Altcoin markets. With over $1 Billion USD in market trading in Bitcoin, and hundreds of millions in the top Altcoins like Litecoin and Ethereum, it is clear that the markets are being pushed lower by some large players.

Some analysts predict that the prices will continue in a downtrend before climbing again, and with the higher than average volume, it is tough to say where the majority of the coins are going at this point.

A little bit of light in the dark is coming from the BTU – Bitcoin Unlimited Futures, which has been trading on Bitfinex and HitBTC, where there was a price gap for a long time between the two exchanges, and has since aligned around the $239.00 USD price point. While there hasn’t been much movement on the BTU fork, it is clear that the Bitcoin developers have been working hard to maintain a steady development around the mining of Bitcoin, as well as increase transaction times without increasing the file size too much.

In Other News

There are a ton of conferences coming up in the financial sectors, which shed some light on the future of the industry, including Day 3 of the Igaming Super Show, including a panel discussion from Craig Wright:

Bitcoin’s Smart Future: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Bots & How The Bitcoin Network Will Change the World

Dr. Craig Wright, a key luminary in the Bitcoin community and one of the early minds behind Bitcoin, explains his vision of the future – where blockchain goes beyond recording transactions, and becomes a Super-Network of AI and Bots, creating deep neural networks and swarm-based systems that will control the internet of things and intelligent objects around the worldDr. Craig Wright, Chief Scientist, nChain


We also have the State of Digital Money Conference coming up in Los Angeles, California on July 22, 2017, where panelists will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities coming.

#Bitshares Proving Their Worth

Bitshares are one of the main altcoins that have been around since the beginning. They have been around longer than Ripple, Stellar, and even Ether Coin, believe it or not. There was a time when Bitshares were priced around .00200000 BTC, whereas, they are now around .00002550 BTC. However, investors are starting to take notice of the advantage that Bitshares offers over other coins because of their transparent and Open Ledger. Being able to send Bitshares using vanity addresses, as well as tracking all transactions using the Open Ledger allows for seamless accounting, complete audit-tracking, and total verification of funds.

This places Bitshares and Obits (the parent of Bitshares) in a league of their own. While many users prefer the anonymity of non-traceable transactions, there are a growing number of users who enjoy tracking their payments, and not only that, it seems like Bitshares may be growing in popularity with recent advancements to the Bitshares platform which links it to Fiat markets using Automated Teller Machines in Europe?

It’s Obits Time.

Aright guys, before we pump Trump too much, let’s navigate over to Europe where the OBITS team are starting to heat things up with their group of companies, which many people are hedging as a strong buy, even in light of their volume and price increases over the past few months. Given the technical expertise required to operate the OpenLedger Platform, only more experienced traders with greater technical know-how have been able to operate the platform, but now anyone can do it.

Simply head over to Open Ledger and create an account and BUY OBITS.

To learn more about OBITS, simply head over to the OBITS site: https://obits.io/

We have included a few screen shots from their website to help inform you a little better.