STATS stock (Coin Currency News)

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Total Supply:  100,000 units

Dividends paid to date: 2.97 BTC

STATS mining operations have been sold to GRUPBIT effective July 15th, 2016.

Dividends will be intermittent until revenue generation increases.

(October, 2016)- we have developed a range of promotional activities including our freelance writers guild startup, new advertising revenue options, and new publications in the works, which are all dividend eligible for STATS shareholders.

(December 2016 / January 2017) – we have made an application for funding to increase the outreach and publication options into various mediums by capitalizing on the content produced to date, as well as to purchase a camera and some additional hosting services to move into a “Live News” delivery platform to compliment the article writing.

We believe this move will help increase our subscriber count, provide increased web traffic, and help us move into the live video news industry, which will open new leads for revenue generation from advertising activities, investment consulting, and affiliate income options.

(October 2017) – continued writing through most of 2017, and reached a milestone of over 500 published articles, and started the new outreach project – which is a revenue generation project to increase advertising revenue on through promotional activities aimed at ICO and ITO businesses. The ICO’s Book is designed to provide details for investors on upcoming coins, and funds received from these promotional activities will be paid to STATS holders.