News Token Pool (NETP) The Premier Payment Token of the Future

Total Supply: 31,375,000

Distribution: Distributed to NEWS Token Holders at time of main-net launch.

Goal: This project has been operating under different names for 3 years, and already has a large group of shareholders and investors. We are looking to give users the opportunity to get the NETP tokens and become part of the development community to help bring the NETP token to market.

Mission Statement: To provide a low-cost digital payment service using the NETP blockchain at a low cost to users by connecting the NETP wallets with bitcoin exchanges and banks.

Why use NETP to send funds? NETP is a cost-effective, secure, and affordable solution to sending payments, as well as a means to pay for goods and services in the digital world.

About: The News Token Pool (NETP) is a blockchain token created by the NEWS Token Pool development team as a way to send, receive, and transfer value for goods and services, gifting, and general commerce transactions.

How to get? There is no ICO for NETP. You can only get the tokens through the bounty campaign or buy the NEWS Tokens on, where each NEWS share will be eligible for 5 NETP Tokens at time of Coin Swap. Register at and buy the NEWS tokens and you will receive 5 NETP tokens for every NEWS share you hold at the time of blockchain launch.

When is blockchain launch? The launch is expected in September or October, but may take place as early as July or August.

Specifications: Total supply is 31,375,000 tokens, based on the 6,275,000 NEWS shares, which will undergo a 5 to 1 split at time of launch. Users are able to purchase NEWS shares prior to launch to reserve their NETP tokens prior to launch.

What are the NEWS Token Pool shares? The NEWS Token Pool shares are non-voting, dividend eligible shares bought and sold at with a pool of revenue paid to shareholders as dividends.


2018 Q2:
● directory populating
● Dividend payments to NEWS shareholders on
● Launch of NETP bounty campaign
● Building of NEWS token pool investor and advisory team
● Development of use cases for NETP
● B2B client marketing to integrate payment protocol for online merchants

2018 Q3:
● Prepare Main-net launch
● Web Wallet
● Exchange testing
● Commerce Integration with Canadian Banks (direct-to-bank conversion)
● Integrate news token pool directory with online wallet platform

2018 Q4:
● Grow NETP value through business development
● Increase visibility across international banking system
● Add additional exchanges
● Improve transaction times and protocol security
● Mobile wallets

2019 and beyond: Work with community to make the token more widespread, recognizable, and adoptable for users worldwide.

Why are we different? We are dedicated to long-term success, quality project management, adaptability, flexibility, and finding innovative use cases to make this token valuable in niche markets before launching into larger commerce networks.

NETP Bounty – How-to get your 5000 NETP tokens?

Go to and join the directory that best fits your style (news site, web content writer, blogger, live streamer, digital media creator or educational site)

Join the telegram, twitter, and facebook and RT the Bounty announcement.

Register an account at and buy at least 500 NEWS Token Shares, and comment in the trollbox, “I Just Bought *** News Tokens.” The more shares you buy, the more dividends your will receive, and the more NETP tokens you will receive in the future.

Once you have completed these steps, fill out the form and get paid:
https://%5BSuspicious link removed]/forms/dXZ03rsQBFqPkDxF3

Complete the Google Form and enter your Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Cfinex usernames, as well as your email address and you will receive 5000 NETP tokens upon launch.

Please keep in mind that you will also receive monthly dividends on your NEWS tokens, and however many NEWS tokens you have will be eligible for a 5 to 1 split on each of your NEWS shares.