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SEC Approves Bitcoin Futures ETF #bitcoin

As you have likely heard, the digital assets industry has reached a significant milestone today, with an exchange-traded fund (ETF) tied to Bitcoin futures set to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange following approval from the SEC

After years of campaigning from crypto enthusiasts and industry leaders, ProShares will be the first ETF provider to offer investors exposure to Bitcoin through an ordinary brokerage account, without having to hold the cryptocurrency directly. The SEC is now considering additional proposals made by Valkyrie Investments and Vaneck – who are also expected to receive the green light to sell Bitcoin ETFs to investors in the coming months.

If you are currently working on a story related to this landmark development, please see below for insights from crypto industry experts. If you would like to speak to any of the commentators below in greater detail, please let me know and I’d be happy to arrange it.



Sebastian Markowsky, Chief Strategy Officer at Coinsource, America’s leading provider of Bitcoin ATMs, said: “Of course, ETF is important for Bitcoin adoption, since there are so many institutional capital pools that are not allowed to invest directly into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies but need regulator-approved structures by agencies such as the SEC. There is a huge pile of capital waiting to gain Bitcoin exposure by means of those products. This is capital that previously did not have the means to access Bitcoin. The importance of this access for the growth of Bitcoin can probably not be overstated. We would anticipate the price of Bitcoin to be driven by this institutional capital from people who buy ETFs and the enhanced credence given by the increased institutional adoption.

“Futures is more of a speculative tool so you are betting on short to medium term price development of Bitcoin so it is more of a speculative approach than holding onto Bitcoin as you usually would do. It is more trading, rather than a value-driven approach. It gives more emphasis on influencing and pricing in the short term. Bitcoin ETFs are not new – they have already been approved in Europe. We should expect other jurisdictions to launch ETFs in the near future, as this is a big opportunity. Overall, we see this as very positive news.”


Brad Yasar, Founder and CEO of EQIFI, the decentralized finance platform for lending, borrowing, and investing ETH, stablecoins, and select fiat currencies, said: “I suspect that regulators were willing to approve Bitcoin futures ETFs because there is a lot of institutional pressure to gain access to this alternative investment opportunity. A lot of new interest is building for BTC, but because these entities are not allowed to invest in just anything, they need exposure to BTC in a form that they can invest in. BTC futures ETFs are one of those approved formats. 

“I expect there will be positive price action if and when more long term holders acquire Bitcoin either directly or through ETFs. It will also reduce volatility because ETFs are not going to trade Bitcoin directly, instead the trading will shift to the ETF products on the traditional markets. It will be a gradual but long term effect. Overall, I think this is good news for advancing adoption. Bitcoin ETFs are very important because they allow arms-length exposure to Bitcoin without actually having to buy and hold Bitcoin in a wallet. The easier Bitcoin investing becomes, the more institutional adoption it will see, and the more growth we will experience across crypto.” 


Seamus Donoghue, VP of Strategic Alliances at METACO, a digital asset infrastructure provider to financial institutions including Standard Chartered, said: The news that a bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange today is a significant development for the crypto industry. As expected, the markets have reacted positively to the news, with BTC over $62K in light of the announcement.

“Bitcoin has been rallying strongly in anticipation of an ETF approval with Bitcoin up over 40% since the start of the month. This could be a case of “buy the rumour and sell the news” and we risk a pullback on an actual ETF announcement. That said, with recent confirmation from both the Fed’s Powell and SEC’s Gensler that although regulations are coming, there is no China-style clampdown envisioned, this will provide comfort to the broader institutional market that it is here to stay and they need to get involved to meet their client demand. We look for more Q4 headlines on institutional adoption, similar to the US$300bn Canadian pension fund manager Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec (CDPQ) investment in Celsius, to drive the market to new highs into year-end.

“It is a strong indicator of the bullish market that markets did not react significantly to Jamie Dimon’s comments on Bitcoin last week. Jamie Dimon has his own opinion on Bitcoin but as he has said his clients are adults and can come to their own conclusions. Meanwhile, JP Morgan is increasingly broadening the accessibility for their clients to crypto markets and services. It is a personal view, not a firm view, and is increasingly out of step with the reality of the market. 

“The China crackdown on digital currencies knocked the country’s share of mining production to zero. As recently as August 2020 China was responsible for 66.86% of the Bitcoin mining hashrate; now, North America accounts for the largest global share of mining production, with close to 50% of all Bitcoin mining production. Although the initial reaction to the China ban was negative this is a great long term outcome for the industry. With the stroke of a pen, the ban has eliminated the biggest offenders of dirty coal-based mining and the systemic exposure to China. We are already seeing a much more positive ESG narrative around crypto.”

Amber Ghaddar, Co-Founder of AllianceBlock, the chain-agnostic protocol building compliant and data-driven financial products to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance, said: “ETFs trade like equities in terms of settlement. They fall under Equity in terms of Asset Allocation. So technically, now, any retail investor with a standard brokerage account and any tier 3 institutional player can invest in Bitcoin without having to set up digital custodianship, update its infrastructure and/or amend its asset allocation requirements.

“A US ETF, whether futures or spot, is a welcome development in the US and should pave the way for increased adoption. A survey published by NORC, a research group at the University of Chicago shows that already 13% of Americans bought or traded cryptocurrency in the past 12 months. By comparison, 24% of Americans invested in stocks over the same time period. A Fidelity Digital Assets Survey published in the summer showed that over 70% of institutional investors plan on buying or investing in digital assets in the near future, and an ETF should simplify access and tax treatment for them.

“However, looking at the prospectus, the ProShares ETF invests in the front month with what it includes of basis and roll risk which can account in a worst-case scenario for an annualized discount of 38% per annum. It is potentially a better option than investing in MicroStrategy stock which trades as a proxy bitcoin investment but potentially not better than the Grayscale Trust – invested in physical bitcoins –  which has been traded at a discount since late February and reached a new low of 20.5% discount on Monday. Ironically, the fact that Grayscale has been trading at a discount for so long can be an indicator that those clients interested in Bitcoin exposure have filled their need with either direct exposure or through other instruments and could indicate a lower than expected demand for the ProShares ETF.”

“Since the announcement of a potential approval, BTC prices continued to edge higher last week from a low of $54,370 to a high of $62,503. We have seen Long-term Holders (LTH) realising profits as the market rallied above $60k, but we have also seen call options buying en masse, with preferred strike prices above $100k up to December 2021. This shows the market is expecting US Retail and Institutional flows to buy in and take over driving prices higher at the end of the year. As always in crypto, on Monday, the day of the announcement, the market rallied a bit before dipping from ATH. It seems the “buy the rumour, sell the news” motto still works and Bitcoin is currently trading in a range.

“In the futures markets, CME open interest (OI) shot up to almost twice the average for the month, representing almost 28% of total OI (including perpetuals) from an average of 13.5% of total OI in the last week of September. While the annualized rolling 1 month basis on CME Futures increased from almost flat to circa 14% this morning. In the coming weeks what we need to watch out for is the NAV and flows of the ETF – is there a real demand from investors – and what type of investors are showing interest. Is it those left on the sidelines buying or hedge funds shorting the ETF and buying spot to monetize the basis? In both cases, and ceteris paribus – this should be positive for spot. However if the ETF demand is lacklustre we will see a retraction in prices.”

“The main issue the SEC has is that Bitcoin trades 24/7, on multiple exchanges, across jurisdictions and has no official closing price. As the ETF is supposed to track the asset 1 to 1, the SEC can be worried about tracking errors that due to volatility and the unconventional structure of the market of this brand new asset class, can be consequential, and this is fully understandable. Add to this potentially perceived market manipulation – a report by Bitwise presented to the SEC in 2019 showed that 95% of volumes of Spot Bitcoin on centralized exchanges are fake or wash traded – and one can understand the SEC concerns with regards to manipulation. On the other hand, the CME is registered with the CFTC – where the current chairman of the SEC, Gary Gensler, was Chairman from 2009 to 2014 and reformed Derivative markets post the GFC of 2008 – and the CME bitcoin futures have an open and closing price and trades within terms that are understood by the traditional industry. In my opinion, a Physical Bitcoin ETF is much safer and more representative of the spirit of what an ETF is supposed to accomplish than a Futures ETF. However, the “old guard” of finance are more at ease with what they know – applying old rules and requirements to a completely new asset class, instead of creating new calculation rules and requirements to adapt to digital assets.”


Bitwise Launches Polygon Fund #matic

Bitwise Launches Polygon (MATIC) Fund, Offering Exposure to Leading Ethereum-Scaling Solution

The surging growth of NFTs and DeFi is putting pressure on the Ethereum blockchain, raising fees; Polygon offers a solution. 
SAN FRANCISCO – October 20, 2021 –Bitwise Asset Management, the world’s largest crypto index fund manager with over $1.5 billion in AUM, today announced the launch of the Bitwise Polygon (MATIC) Fund. The strategy seeks to give investors exposure to MATIC, the native cryptoasset of the fast-growing Polygon platform, through a professionally managed investment vehicle. 

“For years, the excitement around crypto’s most promising use cases, including DeFi and NFTs, has been muted by the fact that Ethereum simply isn’t built to handle it all yet,” said Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer at Bitwise. “Many are working on Ethereum competitors to solve this, but Polygon has seen breakthrough traction with a uniquely complementary solution that boosts Ethereum’s speed and efficiency. Investors have been asking about this rising star. With the new Bitwise Polygon Fund launching today, we’re excited to continue helping investors gain access to the expanding set of opportunities emerging in crypto.”

The Polygon platform allows developers to build applications and new blockchains that integrate with Ethereum, benefiting from its network effects while avoiding its transaction bottlenecks and higher costs. For example, an NFT transfer that would cost about $20 to execute on Ethereum costs just over $0.01 on Polygon. So far, more than 1,000 applications have chosen to build on Polygon, including market-leading NFT and DeFi apps OpenSea and Aave. In early October, the number of daily active user addresses for Polygon even briefly overtook that of Ethereum. As of October 13, Polygon had a market cap of around $8 billion, compared to Ethereum’s roughly $400 billion. 

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, said: “We’re thrilled that a broader range of accredited and institutional investors will now be able to gain exposure to the MATIC token and help encourage greater development of the Polygon ecosystem. Polygon has become one of the most vital building blocks of Web3. Inclusion within Bitwise’s suite of funds serves as a great indicator of our work and progress so far.”

The new Bitwise Polygon Fund is currently available to accredited investors for private placement subscription with a $10,000 minimum investment and weekly redemptions. The manager intends to pursue public quotation of the fund with a ticker through OTCQX when and if it is eligible. The custodian of the Bitwise Polygon Fund is Coinbase Custody Trust Company, LLC, the world’s largest crypto custodian. 

The launch of the Polygon fund follows several other launches by Bitwise earlier this year, including the Bitwise Uniswap (UNI) Fund, the Bitwise Aave (AAVE) Fund, the Bitwise 10 ex Bitcoin Crypto Index Fund, the Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF (BITQ), and the Bitwise DeFi Crypto Index Fund.
Bitwise today serves hundreds of RIAs, financial advisors, multifamily offices, hedge funds, high-net-worth individuals, and other institutional investors with a nationwide business development team. 

Morpheus MRPH Token Swap

Crypto Wars

Morpheus.Network Joins Hands With Security Auditing Firm CertiK

Nikhil Sethi

Nikhil SethiOct 1 · 3 min read

We take security very seriously. Aside from utilizing defence-in-depth principals across our technology and organization, we have partnered with industry leading security companies as additional layers of security on top of our own rigorous security standards to serve our enterprise clients around the world.

Continuing our commitment towards security and safety, Morpheus.Network has partnered with the blockchain auditing company CertiK.io. With its state-of-the-art security auditing and verification capabilities for blockchain-based Smart Contracts, Morpheus.Network aims to make blockchain transactions more secure than ever.

CertiK’s mission is to secure the cyber world. Starting with blockchain, CertiK applies cutting-edge innovations from academia into enterprise, enabling mission-critical applications to be built with security and correctness.

CertiK’s flagship technology is Formal Verification — creating mathematical proofs to verify all the possibilities in critical transactions. The comprehensive and customizable Formal Verification allows for superior security in blockchain transactions. For this purpose, CertiK deploys its own DeepSEA technology. DeepSEA is a blockchain-based programming language that formally verifies Smart Contracts.

CertiK also offers more competencies for enhancing security, like code review by leading security experts across the globe and advanced penetration testing by experience ethical hackers.

Morpheus.Network is a leader in promoting blockchain technology for supply chain. One of the core competencies of Morpheus.Network is the Smart Contract — programs stored on the blockchain that automatically executes when certain conditions are met. This technology has allowed supply chains to greatly improve their efficiency and automate many critical tasks.

“We were thrilled to work with Noam Eppel and Morpheus.Network to provide rigorous and thorough code audits of their smart contracts. This included automatic static analysis and manual code review. We are very pleased with Morpheus.Network’s strong commitment to security!”
— Jason Jiang, Head of Business Development at Certik

At Morpheus.Network, we are intensely focused on helping companies and Government organizations remove barriers to optimize and automate their global supply chain operations. Our team and global network of partners has extensive experience in implementing cutting-edge solutions leveraging our breakthrough supply chain platform. We help clients maximize revenue through digitization and process automation, protecting sensitive data, and untangling complex issues with the legacy supply chain system while delivering effective, equitable, and efficient global trade solutions.

To learn more please visit https://morpheus.network or contact us today to verify the benefits of leveraging our platform.