Crypto Price Updates November 28, 2019

Bitcoin dropped 15% at the end of November, pushing the rest of the altcoins down with it. This is both a good and bad situation for investors depending on how you look at it.


First, if you want to buy, then this is a good time because the price is lower than average, but if you are selling, then you may be taking a loss if you purchased at a higher price.


It is officially safe to say that the Blockchain, and Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies are now the wave of the future since many of the largest corporations have engaged in developing and deploying the technology within their organizations.


Some of the latest include Wal-Mart who recently created a new food transport service.

Tech Crunch has more:


Walmart has been working with IBM on a food safety blockchain solution and today it announced it’s requiring that all suppliers of leafy green vegetable for Sam’s and Walmart upload their data to the blockchain by September 2019 .

Most supply chains are bogged down in manual processes. This makes it difficult and time consuming to track down an issue should one like the E. coli romaine lettuce problem from last spring rear its head. By placing a supply chain on the blockchain, it makes the process more traceable, transparent and fully digital. Each node on the blockchain could represent an entity that has handled the food on the way to the store, making it much easier and faster to see if one of the affected farms sold infected supply to a particular location with much greater precision.

Walmart has been working with IBM for over a year on using the blockchain to digitize the food supply chain process. In fact, supply chain is one of the premiere business use cases for blockchain (beyond digital currency). Walmart is using the IBM Food Trust Solution, specifically developed for this use case.

“We built the IBM Food Trust solution using IBM Blockchain Platform, which is a tool or capability that IBM has built to help companies build, govern and run blockchain networks. It’s built using Hyperledger Fabric (the open source digital ledger technology) and it runs on IBM Cloud,” Bridget van Kralingen, IBM’s senior VP for Global Industries, Platforms and Blockchain explained.

Before moving the process to the blockchain, it typically took approximately 7 days to trace the source of food. With the blockchain, it’s been reduced to 2.2 seconds. That substantially reduces the likelihood  that infected food will reach the consumer. Adds Ethereum Services

The Blockchain recently added Ethereum services to its portfolio of products and services. After logging in and checking the wallets, users can convert their Bitcoin directly to Ether, as well as send, store, and use Ether directly on the BTC blockchain. This is great news for Ether users who enjoy using the Blockchain wallet, and will likely drive the price of Ether upwards with the new enhanced trading options available directly on the Blockchain.

Since it had been awhile since I logged into the Blockchain, I didn’t know this service was available, but after checking the Blockchain blog, it seems like it has been around for almost 2 weeks now!

here is an excerpt and link to the Blockchain blog:

They write:

“For users looking to acquire ether, we’re excited to introduce a built-in BTC to ETH (and vice versa) exchange, powered by ShapeShift. Accessible directly within your Blockchain wallet, this integration makes it easy for users to acquire both digital currencies and monitor exchange progress, from start to finish.

Of course, in keeping with our ethos, this is just the first iteration of this product. In the coming weeks and months (and years!), we’ll continue to gather user feedback and use that to further build out this integration. Let us know what you think and where to go next.”

Bitcoin Blockchain Now Hiring!

While Bitcoin has been growing in price, it is now growing in popularity, and expanding it’s outreach into new markets, as well as growing it’s enterprise. After doing a recent review of the Blockchain Website, it is clear that the BTC Blockchain enterprise will continue to grow and develop, especially after taking a look at the Careers and Employment section.

Check out the Careers at the Blockchain and begin your new career in an interesting and dynamic sector.

There are now over 250 international coin exchanges offering Bitcoin as a trading pair against other currencies, positing it as one of the most recognized global currencies around the world. With recent average trade volume being close to 1 Billion USD daily, it is clear that the Bitcoin Blockchain is growing, as well as it’s popularity and price, which is probably why the Blockchain staff is growing as well.

So to our investors and traders, will Bitcoin pass $10,000 USD by 2018? Many have the coin marked at $5000 by July, and possibly even higher as market factors of supply and demand take a greater hold.

To add even more fuel to the fire, Bitcoin is now recognized as an official currency in Australia, where businesses will be protected and encouraged to do business.

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#Blockchain Gets Over 10 Million Users?

While there are plenty of Bitcoin wallets out there, one of the most popular wallets is on the Blockchain itself. Since it doesn’t require a third party to store your coins, and offers solid security, many people simply start their Bitcoin Wallet on the Blockchain. In fact, there are now over 10 Million Wallets open on the Blockchain, so it seems to be catching on as one of the best wallet providers.



Bitcoin continues to range between $737 and $750 USD near the closing days of November, 2016.


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