#STATS #KISS #GRU Dividends

Happy New Year Investors!

The January 03, 2018 Dividend will be paid to Alcurex shareholders on the project stock in the following amounts:

GRU: .12 BTC (10,000 SHARES)

KISS: 77,500 DOGE (775,000 SHARES)

STATS: 100,000 DOGE (100,000 SHARES)

Investors can purchase the stocks at Alcurex.com

The projects are all developing their year-end reports and investment information for the bitcoinsuperconference.com, where new investors will be addressed to gain interest in project developments (roadmaps, project details forthcoming January 15th).

As part of new development projects, we are also looking at launching a coin on Blockchain, as well as further enhancing the appeal and revenue options for our projects.

Thanks to all the investors, and we also expect a larger than usual dividend payout in November, 2018, when one of our investment projects comes online. While still in speculation, the projects could receive up to 30K in dividends should our new application reach its target goals.

For more information:

SKype: chernishwrites2020

Email: robert.chernish@gmail.com

LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/robbie-chernish-352248155

GrupBit Announces .21 BTC Dividend

GRU Shareholders on Alcurex will be receiving a dividend on September 05, 2017, which will be split between the 10,000 share units.

GRU had some price reductions during the summer months, when some of the buy-wall was re-invested into Initial Trade Offerings and other ICOs, and shareholders are encouraged to remain confident that GRU will make a comeback in the coming months as some of the long-term ICO holding may increase in value. The value of these holdings is tied to the profits garnered from the commissions from some of the exchange volume, as well as 2500 GHS in mining power, which is producing a marginal amount of Bitcoin.


Other funds are being hedged, and reinvested to provide the best return on investment, as well as long-term dividends. We hope to increase the buy-wall in the coming months, since the dip, and will focus on raising this after the .21 BTC dividend.

2017 STATS, GRU, Shareholder Report Q2

During the year of 2017, GRU shareholders received approx. 1.67 BTC in dividends, with STATS shareholder receiving .35 BTC, and #KISS shareholders still having yet to receive a dividend.

Dividends are currently being used to raise the buy walls on the respective projects so that shareholders will have an option to at least their ROI on parity with the price increase in Bitcoin, as a measure of value storage in our stocks, and earnings will resume dividend payouts in August or September, 2017, which will be confirmed on our August end of month (Q3) report.

The Coin Currency News Channel has increased its traffic over the past few months by 50% as Google continues to acknowledge the innovative and creative articles published to the site, with all time viewing highs passing the 500 hits per day, as well as reaching over 500 subscribers in May. This is a good signal that Bitcoin and Altcoin news articles are a good method to attract readers, and potential investors in the STATS stock, which has a total supply of 100,000 UNITS, and can be bought and sold here. We anticipate that dividends will resume once the buy walls and stock value has increased to a favourable price point for banks, and other investors to hop on board.


The mining operations currently consist of a ZEC Mine with 6 months left in the contract, .35 ZEC in reserves, and 3500 S9 GHS at a saleable value of .0011 BTC at time of writing, as well as a daily production of .0002 BTC. Dividends are being used to raise the buy wall for GRU, as well as cover some maintenance costs, and provide small re-investment capital to pay forward into new projects.
There is a total supply of 10,000 GRU, and can be bought and sold here.

Ongoing brand development and outreach to fashion models continues to be a top priority while scouting for fashion partners, and culture enthusiasts willing to share their stories on #KISSERSPACE There are a total of 775,000 KISS shares, which are eligible for Fashion Brand and Online Magazine Ad Revenues and can be bought and sold here.

We anticipate these projects to move well into the future, and increase in value as development and expansion projects continue to play a major role in revenue growth. We look forward to new investors in these projects, as well as thank our long-term angel investors and loyal shareholders with their patience on these projects thus far.

For help with investments, make sure to email robert.chernish@gmail.com to get started.

GrupBit and STATS Announce Dividend

In addition to the regular dividends of Grupbit, STATS is also beginning dividend payouts from increased site revenue. While revenue generation is up from last year, some of the revenue has been used to cover site costs, and while most of the fees are now taken care of, it is expected that monthly dividends will resume for the shareholders of the stock.

Don’t have any shares? Register at Alcurex, buy some shares, and get your dividends posted directly to your account!

    About STATS

The Coin Currency News revenue generation is split between a max supply 100,000 units of STATS stock on the Alcurex.com exchange, which was launched as a crowdfunding option, and continues to build its revenue and dedication to shareholders.

    About GrupBit

Grupbit is a hedge fund comprised of bitcoin mining gigahashes, ZEC mining operation, coin stakes, and other funds that provide bi-weekly/monthly dividends, and has a max supply
of 10,000 units.