PivX Coin News, Moneta Coin

PIVX coin is now below it’s previous trading price of 1.00, where it hit during mid-week trading before cooling off to today’s price of 60 cents USD. Another coin that has hot gains and high volume is Moneta Coin.

Moneta has been silent for a few months, but has got traders on the edge of their seats thinking the inception may be in progress, with over 60,000 USD traded for Moneta on Yobit, just under DASH Coin’s Volume, it is getting some strong pushes upward, much like PivX did in its early days. Moneta has been trading for a long time, and has one of the best concepts for efficient coins, and planning, and seems to have a strong backbone as well, even though they are still in progress, it seems like some early adopters are going HeadStrong into Moneta Coin as indicated by the high volume on it.

Some rumors are that the Moneta development team were some of the founders of the ZCOIN, and ZEC coin developers, so Moneta may very well have some good roots and backing. The big question is, will it go to 40 Satoshi like it did last time?


Or how about Putin? Some investors are getting skittish before the swap and thinking of panning out early, and then getting back in after the swap? Who knows?

Bitcoin has also following some of the PivX like trends, of up and down, and rippling along on a decent trend.

#yobit #moneta – climbing like mad

Moneta is making gains today after laying dormant on the Yobit exchange. Amidst the frenzy of buying and selling on the Yobit exchange, which is a smaller exchange that Bittrex and Poloniex, but still has good activity, a nice trollbox, and a wide variety of coins, it seems that the sleeping dragon Moneta is waking up!

How high will it climb?

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