Ripple Markets Get Pumped

There is no doubt there are some heavy pumps on the markets as buyers all over the world are gobbling up the coins.

Many investors are on edge with the rise of the markets, especially some of the larger supply coins like Ripple, Lumens, and pretty much all the coin across the board as heavy worldwide adoption begins. Many investors are wondering whether to cashout or keep their coins for the long term in hopes of making even more profits.

Some of the top gainers on the day are:

Stellar / Lumens

It seems like many investors are enjoying the Blockchain platforms and all the amazing capabilities to provide great tech services. Many different coins are tied to different functions, and allow for greater flexibility with smart contracts, and new trading.

While Bitcoin also gained a few hundred dollars in price over the week, many investors are questioning whether to diverge into the Altcoins like those listed above, as well as many of the other coins (over 600 altcoins are available for trading on all the different exchanges). Simply head over to Coin Market Cap to get a sneak preview of all the coins available for trading and try and make some good picks to get in on the profits!

So what is a good buy?

At this time, we have some independent analysts suggesting that OBITS continues to be a good buy given that it is a profit-sharing asset that is tied to the Openledger platform, as well as includes some stake revenues from some of the new coins being put forward later in 2017 and 2018 like AppX, and Hybrid, and many other tokens.

Some of the other picks lately have been Gnosis, Wings, and SkyCloud, which are slowly integrating themselves into various exchanges and becoming more popular.

So what is everyone thinking? Will Bitcoin break the $2000 USD price point in May? How about some other picks for top gainers? Did anyone think that XRP would ever hit 10 cents!?

Stay tuned for updates on new coins, prices, and more coin currency news in the next few days.

For a more in-depth analysis on the Ripple movement, check out this article from Hacked.

Stellar Coin Goes Commercial, #nasdaq reports

While it has been years now since any of the coins have been publicly adopted by commercial banks, it has finally come to light that Stellar is one coin that may be moving on up in the world as a solution for commercial micropayment. According to a recent news release from the NasDaq,


According to the news release, the new adoption will allow many underprivileged people around the world the opportunity to conduct borderless mircopayment transactions.

Stellar has been around for as long as any of the altcoins, and is actually one of the first altcoins to come forward as an alternative to Bitcoin.

Today’s price on Stellar showed a 15% gain, and analysts are split on whether the coin will continue its upward momentum, or slide back to previous trading levels.


The recent announcement from the NasDaq has positioned Stellar as a more widely accepted Altcoin, and it’s price is reflecting these changes.