#Waves Releases DEX Online Beta

Good news for people who want to trade on the Waves Dex using an internet browser! Or, want to release your own token? Then maybe Waves is the way to do it.

Also, if you buy the WCT (Waves Community Token) you can get the Liquid Airdrops!

Click HERE to join the Waves Platform and buy WCT.

Previously, users who wanted to trade on the DEX, Waves Decentralized Exchange, were required to use the mobile wallet, but they can now use the online platform!


This platform allows anyone to issue their own tokens!

Waves also recently met with financial leaders at the Davos, Switzerland conference and released some positive enhancements for the Waves platform. You can learn more on their twitter feed:

WAVES Coin Passes $5.50 USD

Waves has been making consistent gains over the past few days as investors have been hedging back into the Waves Platform since the Bitcoin fork. Just a few days ago investors could have picked up some Waves Coin for a few dollars, and now the coins are above the $5 price point.

Waves has been around for over a year and offers a range of incentives from their platform, as well as most recently claiming to add Bitcoin Cash to user’s wallets.

Another recently added function to the Waves client is the addition of the DEX markets, with is sure to add some volume to the Waves platform, as previously users had to deal on the DEX platform separately.

Learn more about the Waves PLatform by heading over to their website and getting involved as it may end up paying dividends in the future!